Important issues raised by drink spiking in Coronation Street

Important issues raised by drink spiking in Coronation Street

It’s been exciting to see the subject of drink spiking being tackled in the popular soap opera Coronation Street. 

The spiking storyline begins as Amy Barlow, daughter of Steve and Tracy McDonald, ‘appeared tipsy in the opening scenes but was soon struggling to walk.

She eventually collapsed and was hospitalised, with GBH found in her system – a potentially deadly combination when mixed with alcohol.’

Important issues

The writers have tackled some very important issues associated with drink spiking, massively raising public awareness of the seriousness of the crime. The subsequent coverage of the story in the mainstream media is also bringing the subject further into the public consciousness - something we most definitely need.

Crucial points

Within the episode some powerful and crucial points were raised:

Don’t leave your drink unattended.

Don’t drink an unknown or unattended drink.

A victim of spiking may just appear to be drunk.

When mixed with alcohol, drugs used for spiking can become very dangerous.

A victim of spiking may well collapse and could end up in hospital - or worse.


There are other major issues explored in further episodes, and debate has been sparked amongst the fans about who put the GBH in the drink, why they added the drug and who was the intended victim?


All this added speculation about the perpetrator and the intended victim is fantastic news to us at Stamp Out Spiking.

The fact that the public is thinking and talking about drink spiking is hugely important and hopefully will have a positive effect on their level of drink spiking awareness.

It’s just not worth the risk to someone’s life

Hopefully, the shocking outcome of Amy having her drink spiked may cause some potential drink spikers to have second thoughts about committing the crime - especially the pranksters, who think it might be funny - it’s just not worth the risk to someone’s life.


Whatever the outcome of this twisting storyline, we are delighted that Coronation Street has brought the issue of drink spiking to the front of public consciousness and we are thrilled by the debate amongst viewers that has been stimulated by the episode.

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