Dragon Flies to Meet Shark

Dragon Flies to Meet Shark

CEO of Stamp Out Spiking and StopTopps, Dawn Dines, is heading to the bright lights of Las Vegas next week. Dawn, who previously featured on BBC One’s Dragon’s Den, is meeting with Michael and Shirah Bernarde, the co-founders of NightCap who starred on the US ABC’s hit television show Shark Tank. 

StopTopps and NightCap are joining forces to amplify their influence in the wake of the current rise in drink spiking incidents, both in the UK and USA. According to a poll performed by DrugAbuse.com, a website dedicated to drug misuse treatment options, one out of every three women in Nevada, have stayed sober on a night out due to the fear of having their drink spiked.

Michael Bernarde co-founder of NightCap says, “We continue to help tackle drink spiking in the US by providing a very low price point alternative that we know bars, clubs, and other venues will want to get behind. We see a real opportunity for StopTopps to fit right into our product line and get more businesses to provide a safe drinking experience for their customers.”

The partnership will be unveiled during the Nightclub and Bar Show, which is running in Las Vegas from the 21st until the 23rd of March 2022. This truly immersive exhibition gathers together the most influential owners and operators within Las Vegas’s hospitality industry. Both StopTopps and NightCap hope that more hospitality venues and companies will be interested in the partnership and stocking of the products to help keep their customers safe and prevent drink spiking in their venues. Founder of StopTopps, Dawn Dines says, “I have been campaigning against drink spiking for nearly two decades. This is such a hugely underreported crime, and it is a global issue. I am very proud to be heading to Las Vegas to spread the message in partnership with NightCap.

About NightCap:

The NightCap scrunchie, can be used to cover over most cups and glasses to prevent pills and powders from being dropped into a drink. Simply wear it in your hair until needed. When ready pull the drink cover out of the hidden pocket, place it over the drink, pop in a straw, and enjoy! 

Learn more about NightCap at https://nightcapit.com/.

About StopTopps:

The StopTopps lids and foils, are versatile drink-protectors designed to deter drink spiking. The product is distributed by the bar and suitable for any drinking vessel commonly found, including cans, bottles, and glasses.

Learn more about StopTopps at https://stoptopps.com/.

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